Monday, November 22, 2010

All kinds of Randomness

It's monday.
Mondays are a little random aren't they?

I always have a little trouble shifting gears from the weekend the rest of the week, and this usually means I wander around for a good deal of Monday morning, reheating a cup of coffee that keeps growing cold as I flit from random task to random task accomplishing nothing, but getting very absorbed in the whole thing.

Then I'll have a good Monday that's super productive and at the end of it, I'll look back and pat myself on the back, marveling at how much was done by one little me.

Today, was really a mix of both.

I accomplished a lot, but I was kinda all over the place at the same time.

First of all, my weekend was great, and full of family visiting, cups of coffee, Christmas shopping and news about babies on the way (not mine, don't get all hyper now).

Then all of a sudden Monday hits with the usual subtlety of a harsh slap in the face cause it's Minus 5.0 X 10^ 20 or some equally evil number and we are out the door to school.

BUT ... I have a van now! And we LOOOOOOOVEEEEEE the van (posts on this subject to follow)
  we arrived at preschool without frozen boogers on our faces, there was feeling in our toes and a song in our hearts because of the van

AND I accomplished a lot of errands with little son, while listening to Beethoven on the complimentary satellite radio (errands and growing dendrites at the same time, talk about multitasking)

We went on the search for a lost boot  of the daughter's which I mentioned a few days ago in another post.
I expressed my exasperation at how one can lose ONE BOOT.
I really don't get it, did she walk home with only one boot? Did she put it somewhere random? Did the baby?

really it could be anywhere.

when I told my sister about all this on the phone this morning her response was, "well of course she lost her boot... she's your daughter isn't she?"


I have torn apart the house literally, looking for this AWOL footwear,  and it has even prompted me to pack up all the extra shoes, coats, hats etc. into boxes in the hope that somehow the elusive boot will turn up.
No such luck.
 But like I said it's flippin cold outside and the daughter cannot stay in pink rubber boots, I am reluctant to buy a whole new set of boots, but time is running out as the risk of frostbite climbs higher. And so my last resort search took us to visit and clean out our old van which was sold and sitting in the mechanic's lot downtown.

I cracked the shell of ice it sat in and went in to hunt up the boot.

It was a surreal experience in some ways, looking at this capsule of items that used to be the flotsam and jetsam of our days only four short weeks ago. It was like looking into a frozen piece of who we are as a family (literally) time kind of froze as I poked about and retrieved lost hair clips and story books, maps, CDs, a sock, a plastic cow and a singing frog.

Alas.... no boot..

After going all the way to Walmart and buying the only pair of girls size 11 boots left in the store for way too much money, I came home and .....

found the missing boot.

Mondays are like that though aren't they?


  1. So glad you found the boot for Ava Grace. Now I don't need to fret that my grand daughter will get frozen feet haha! YEAH! And about Mondays?? Oh yeah Mondays used to give me the blues too - just the thought of a whole week ahead.... but really its a clean slate - a brand new opportunity to do something grand. Hope you have a great one. Love MOM

  2. Ashley!!! THANKS for my "before-bed" chuckle!!! I can't wait to read your blog to Nanny tomorrow. We have to get her set up on your site. However do I do it? ....Well.....Off to bed, & still chuckling.....I do love you!.....Auntie Shirley

  3. Auntie, the best way is to take the URL (web address) and either bookmark it for her (easiest), or you can even make it her home page when she starts up her computer ( I am not sure how to do this so I can get back to you)

    On my computer, ( I don't know what operating system your using but I have Vista) I can drag the addresses of my favorite sites up to the top control bar and they will stay there so I can access them quickly with only one click.
    If Nanny's computer has this function it will be on the top bar when she opens her browser and it will say "Most Visited" on the left hand side next to an icon of a piece of paper with a magnifying lens on it. Then what you do is drag the tab (it looks like the top of a file folder at the top of whatever website you are looking at )click on that and drag it up to the top control bar where that "most visited" icon is and it should be there for her to access.

    Hope this helps. If need be, I can even dedicate a post with pictures to help you figure it out for her.

    love you!



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