Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Absolutely FREEZING!!!

The thermometer has been dipping below -30 degrees Celsius this week, and winter has hit with full force.

That's life in Alberta I guess.

As much as I love toting two small children around in an array of outerwear paraphernalia the thing I can't stand is having to lug around the baby in and out of the car seat and carrying him (who is not proficient at walking) in an out of every store, school, house, building etc.

All the while that I'm holding him, his very long legs are sticking out from his never-long-enough pants and those little calves are getting FROZEN!!!!!!
My poor boy is going to get frostbite, and no, I cannot bring myself or him to suffer into a pair of snow pants while going on errands.

Some other mothers may be able to do this, and I applaud you, but for us it would fall under the heading of mutual torture experiences that will only cause mental scars.....

Instead... I made some leg warmers.

All I needed was a couple of pairs of daddy's old socks and some scissors.

(Don't notice too much that they are mismatched... these are the lonely singles left in the missing sock basket that have been there for ... months really)

I simply cut off the ribbed cuffs and put them on Baby's legs.

I will test them out to see how they  need to be hemmed at the top to keep them from unraveling, but I wanted to see how they responded to being worn before sewing them up.  I left enough room at the top to make a casing for some elastic if need be. If no need be, I will simply blanket stitch them to keep them from unraveling in the wash.

Now, my son does not usually spend his days roaming about in just his diaper and a sweater (okay, so after naptime he usually does....)but the legwarmers especially added to the mismatched look of the whole affair, so probably he will hate that I posted these pictures someday, even though I think he's stinking cute.
He didn't mind them or really try to pull them off and they managed to stay up around his knees really decently.

Of course the real test was when we went out that evening for our weekly library trip.

Huffing in and out of the van and cold library I kept looking down at him in my arms and noted that where there was usually exposed flesh, I now saw only toasty gray ribbing of a true  re-used, frugal "up-cycled",  invention.

Necessity thy name is Mother.

What have you been "up-cycling"?

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  1. What an awesome idea! I have been bundling Kilmeny in her snow suit each and every time we go out but since I'm often wearing her in the ergo, it keeps both of us warm. And it's not really been that cold here yet, we haven't dipped below -5 yet. I am not looking forward to the colder weather but I am looking forward to being home so I guess there's some give and take. =)



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