Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Promises Kept part deux

Here is the recipe for the homemade finger paint featured here.

You will need:
3 tablespoons of sugar
1/2 -3/4 cup of cornstarch
Pot for water
2 cups of cold water
Edible Icing Pigment or food coloring
Pinch of Soap Flakes or liquid Dish soap (optional but very nice to keep washable)

To begin, mix together the sugar and cornstarch and put them right into the pot and let the pot warm up over low heat. You can turn the heat up as you add the cold water bit by bit until all the water is added and your heat is on high. (does that make sense?)
Stir the mess constantly for what feels like a never ending time, and then all of a sudden it will turn into sloppy gloopy clear paint like substance.
Take it off the heat and spoon it into old baby food jars or plastic jars or reused paint bottles (you get the idea)
*This recipe very nicely fills four baby food jars*
Add your drops of color and stir it into each paint jar. ( I use a chopstick for the stirring cause it's easier)
Add your drops of liquid soap and give it another stir.
We added sparkles to each one and gave one more stir and called it a day.

They are a little hot at first, so let them cool before letting little fingers plunge into them and remember to keep these refrigerated if you want them to last and last, otherwise they will last only about a week or two (max) in the cupboard before growing weird furry mold....not so nice.

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