Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gifts of Goo and a Coloring Book too!

I've been remiss in putting up some of the latest crafty gift-its we've been up to here at the Homemade House!
Last week we got to celebrate the birthday of a very special baby friend of ours, Miss R.

Miss R, is a lovely little lady who I like to joke will someday be my daughter-in-law and so she deserved something uber special (see, Keri, it's such  a good word- I just have to use it too).

I came up with this:
  It's a collection of coloring pages, that I drew from some photos I pilfered off of Al's facebook page (she didn't mind :)
At some point I can include a tutorial on how to do this rather simply if anyone is interested.
(if you want a closer look at anything then just click on the photo)

Then we thought we'd whip up some fun finger paints for the little artist:

I have tried this recipe before (which I can also post if anyone is interested) but was underwhelmed by the pigment that food coloring lent the paint. This time I used Icing Pigment which gave it a waaaay better color saturation and we threw in some craft sparkles to give it some pizazz.

The finished product ready to gift! ( the roll of paper on the right hand side is  finger paint paper).  The paints are totally edible as well minus the optional dish soap to keep the paint from staining and the sparkles we added which has never stopped a hungry baby before.

I loved this project so much, there will probably be more of these gift-its to come! With Christmas around the corner and so many other reasons just because!


  1. I love this! Would you mind sending me the recipe and how you did the pictures? I'll give this to my dayhome kids so they have something to take home and do with their parents! Hope everyone has been well :) Crystal.

  2. That is a great gift...I will definitely be using that - thanks!



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