Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Corners of this Home

                                If you have sat in my kitchen recently you have probably been made to listen to the decision making process that Kevin and I have been going through. I've probably gone on at length about the emotions involved, the dreams being dreamt and the fears, doubts and concerns that circle my heart. You've perhaps been shown the pro and con lists, heard detailed plans and You've maybe even been made to look at paint colors ...cause what it all boils down to is...moving.
We're moving.
And it's easier said than done.

This House has been all sorts of adventure for us, from the day we bought a piece of horse pasture,to the day the roof trusses FINALLY arrived,  to the day we moved in and barely had running water, to the day(s) we cried our eyes out over cracking drywall (that turned out to be nothing) to the Hot water tank dying (AGAIN) while we had 14 house guests for Christmas, to the work bee when the fence got built and the grass planted and the shrubs survived and the sandbox made a set of birthday guests very dirty and stained their pants....

We haven't been married for TOO many years, in fact only 5 and a half. and four of those have been spent on the adventure of this house that we call home.
It's had alot of ups and downs and there have been alot of times when we wanted to throw the towel in and curse the day we decided to do this, but it's been a gift to do this, and now that we are faced with leaving this house and moving onto something new, my heart pulls and tugs and I start to see and fully appreciate all the quirks of this lovely beast.

This House is not just a house anymore, it's home.

Now I'm a firm believer that you make your home wherever you go, and I know I will do so in our next dwelling (further posts on this because there is also great excitement about NEW HOME) but there is a part of us that will always be invested in these walls that have done such a great job of sheltering us and containing us and our memories.

A baby boy was born here
Birthday parties and Christmas Eves were celebrated
(and santa stopped by)
Cookies and Cakes were baked
Dishes got broken
Toys got lost
Arguments have been had in this kitchen
And make up hugs and kisses too.
Coffee has been enjoyed on this porch
and board games played at this table.
Baths in this bathtub
And first time success followed by smarties on this potty
Sweet dreams and night time feedings in these bedrooms
Saturdays and summer days
Blood, sweat and literal tears.
So much love and so many desperate prayers

There's been roughhousing in this basement
Horsey rides down these hallways
Pencil marks measure growth spurts on these walls
and finger prints cover the windows
There are cheerios and Dust bunnies and lost puzzle pieces
Right along with all the memories savored
In the Corners of the This Home.

I know, how can I possibly leave this bathtub behind... am I out of my mind???????


  1. Oh, wow.That's a lot of emotions to go through. It's a beautiful house but all the things that make me sigh are the homey things and touches you've done....=)

  2. For SURE there will be a "tug." I've had some myself over the years...for the same reason....moving & leaving the location of precious memories! SO wonderful that the memories endure. :-)



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