Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'nuff said

Believe me, it's not often that I'm left speechless... but this did me in. I got goosebumps and the feeling that I was privileged enough to be an audience of one of the great living talents of my generation. Overstatement... you had to be there.

Such a great show and no theatrics or gimmicks to distract from the fact that this man CAN SING! (and tell a joke, might I add). I've heard Mr. Buble plenty of times here there and everywhere but I think recording takes away from the depth of his voice when you hear him live, it's really a wonder and I enjoyed every second of the show in Calgary this week.
A big thanks to my mother in law for such a great birthday present! I had so much with her and my sisters in law... I could get used to a tradition of making the getaway once a year or so, even if it's not for Michael Buble (although I'd see him again in a heartbeat). And the best part is of course coming home and feeling re-energized and happy to be tucking in my babies for bed and even tidying the kitchen before bed. Maybe I'll even make a cup of tea and I dunno.... put on some Buble in the background?.... :)


  1. there's supposed to be a question mark after the word "overstatement". As in, "overstatement?... I think not!" ... cause it's not an overstatement. Really.

  2. Thanks Ashley. It was absolutely my pleasure to take you girls out for your birthdays and it would be great to make it a yearly event. Glad you enjoyed the time away!! I did too! Love you, MOM

  3. Cheers, bravo, bravo! I agree absolutely and wholeheartedly! Great comments, Ashley, lovin' the blogging! Leah



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