Saturday, August 28, 2010

Needles and thread and two placemats OH MY!

Here's a little something I've been working on for my nephew Matty's Birthday in a few weeks. Sorry Leah, that this spoils the surprise, but I hope you like it!

It's car activity organizer made from two place mats I picked up at the dollar store. Pardon my stitches, this would've been easier and probably neater done with the sewing machine, but mine is on loan right now, so I did with my blood sweat and tears (and poked fingers only twice :)

The two pockets can come apart if needed to, as they are attached to each other with "velcro" which is how the top pocket also attaches to the head rest of the seat in front of it.

I haven't finished with the little activities and whatnot I plan to fill the pockets with, but basically I measured the pockets by using a coloring book, pack of crayons/pencil crayons and two golden books,so that's what fits it roughly.
I plan on making more of these for all my darling nephews and my own children as well in the near future, so next time I do I will post a tutorial, but I thought I'd better throw this up here for interests sake anyway.

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