Saturday, August 28, 2010

All the fabulous finds in thriftville today

Today was one of those perfect days, the kind that started with children kicking each other in the head on the couch while their dad dealt with it, and I enjoyed my coffee and latest library book.
It was the kind of day that included me getting a shower that lasted long enough for me to shampoo my hair AND shave my legs...and then went on to have me actually get dressed in the first sweater of the fall (yay!) and head out ON MY OWN to do some garage sailing!!!!!

I have always loved hunting for deals and bargains and let's face it, having a good chuckle over some of the stuff people have the confidence to sell, let alone admit that they own. (how many Harlequin Romance novels should one person HAVE really?)*

Anyway, to make the day even brighter I was joined by the lovely Al who showed way more restraint than me but still scored some awesome deals.

My thrifting stash, BEHOLD:

There are : Vintage Pajama and dress patterns,a bunch of quilting materials (this is something new I want to learn how to do), a bunch of FABULOUS books, ( Even two Hardy Boys classics from 1938 for .25 each! and from 1937 The SEAMANS MANUAL 1rst EDITION which I may gift to my brother in law, cause he's into sailing and nautical whatnot) A four cup Pyrex measuring cup (which are hard to find and expensive)some little vintage linens that were cute, a christmas tree skirt, a bread box (for $2.00 from 15.00 which I needed anyway)a slew of canning jars and supplies (for 2.75 for the whole shebang)and some never fail tupperware cause it's going to last forever.
All that haul cost me a grand total of 7.00!!!!!!!

and then my most exciting finds:

For a grand total of 10.00

for you my friend I have BIG plans

You, I like just the way you are.

(although someday I may remake you into a hope chest for Ava Grace)

All in all my morning cost me $30.00 and I have enough fodder here for projects that will keep me happy for a long.

Ain't thrifting grand?

*the answer is none.


  1. You are amazing! My fall manifesto is to be more like Ashley! Love,Leah



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