Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Canada Rocks

So in honor of Canada Day I thought I'd put down a few points of things I love about Canada,(in no particular order)

1. Particularly because I live in a small prairie farm town, I love THE WIDE OPEN SPACES!

2. Canadian Literature. I may have to be in the mood, but when I am and I find a good one, the unique tone of Canadian Lit will haunt me for months after reading it. There is a wild loneliness to it that I "get"

3. Mountains, Mountains and more mountains.

4. I am humbled by the diversity of so many people who come to this land to make a home and a life, and that we are place with open doors for so many. (I can't be the only one out there who was choked up every time that Tim Horton's commercial came on during the Olympics)

5.I am humbled when I think of the weight of responsibility laid on the shoulders of our country's leaders, and though I may disagree with some of their choices, I am thankful for the laws that support and protect, grant freedom and rights, and the core values of this country, that we strive to uphold. And really if the most horrendous thing we have to talk about our politicians is some Brian Mulroney semi-scandal from the 80s... then we aint doin so bad me thinks.

6. I am proud of our global (often stereotypical) reputation. That we are the nice guys. (we may finish last, but we're nice)

7. Red and white are good colors.

8. We totally kick butt at winter sports.

9. Speaking of winter, we brave it every year and ya, I'm proud of that. You hear people from other places complaining about their terribly cold weather and then you just smile to yourself until it's your turn to lay down the "Ya, well I'm from Canada, and it's like -60 for six months of the year" card. You always win, hands down... smug smile. Oh yeah.


10. I like our colorful money. It's happy. and I like our animals. Moose and Beavers and geese... also happy animals.

there are alot more serious things that fill me with gratitude about the life I have to live here in Canada, but this was just a playful nod in the dame's direction.

Atta Girl Canada,

'atta girl.

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