Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An update

So, it's been awhile since I've posted on here, summer vacation has gotten in the way and I have spent less time on the computer, which is a good thing for sure. But perhaps along with that realization I should post an update as to how well I'm doing with my "Summer Manifesto"

1. BE outside as much as possible.
We've been doing this as much as we can, but the weather really hasn't been cooperating as much as we would like. I suppose it's worth mentioning that we've been pouring alot of hard work into making our yard a place we want to be (when the snow first melted we were faced with a lot of dead grass, a barren field of weeds and a chain link fence). The sandbox is finished and we've used the kiddie pool twice, and I've even strung up my clothes line for laundry which makes me SOOO happy. I guess in all I've learned so far that BEING outside is a powerful force for overcoming a funk, being bored and listless and really does give us more energy. Twice now, we've even donned all our rain gear just so we can be outside, weather be hanged.
2. EAT outside as much as possible.
This we've been trying to keep up with too. We're certainly doing better than last year. We have had guests for dining al fresco 5 times and ended up actually eating a whole meal outside three times. Plus there's those mornings I've loved drinking my coffee out on the deck in my pajamas and slippers.
3. Take GOOD care of my plants.
I have only killed one so far. I've been remembering to water and weed and even fertilize the others, and I was THRILLED when one of the little shrubs I planted started blooming the prettiest little flowers ...until Ava Grace picked them all off.
4.DO lots of craft projects
Well, we are in the process of setting up the craft room FINALLY in the basement, so hopefully this will be the start of good things. I have some scrapbooks to finish up.
I did do one project yesterday with an old sheet of plexiglass on my husband's computer desk which I'll post tommorow
5. Learn one new kitchen skill.
I'm going to making a lady bug birthday cake and some spider cupcakes tommorow. Pictures to follow.
6. Read lots of books.
I've downed Timothy Findley's "The Piano Man's Daughter" and now I'm onto some lighter summer fare, Gretchen Rubin's "The Happiness Project" (very in keeping with the manifesto)
7. Read the New Testament
I'm afraid to admit I'm only on Matthew chapter 7.
8. Cuddle Play, Camp and Nap.
I have cuddled more times than I can count, I've played Mermaid Princess Paper Dolls and some truly fantastic games of peek-a-boo with Bear, Camping... almost worked out, but hasn't yet and Nap... oh yes I have. Oh yes, I deliciously have.

hope your summer is going well too!

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