Wednesday, June 16, 2010

first post

This is now my third attempt at blogging... third time is a charm?
Perhaps it's never taken before, because I really didn't have anything interesting to say. (perhaps now I will find I have no time, but I will do my best)
I don't know if I have anything more amazing or interesting to talk about now, other than to share some of the ideas I've had rolling around in my head for the last few years. I've been inspired by so many other bloggers and the creative crafts, habits, solutions etc that they've posted in their efforts to live a simpler more creative (and yes, sustainable) life. This has always been one of the vague non-specific life goals for my husband and I with raising our kids and making our family, so it's a pleasure to get into the habit of germinating all the ideas I come up with by putting them out there for people to read and of course stealing the things that others inspire me with along the way.
To be crafty is to be myself, and nothing gets me more fired up than a challenge to create something beautiful in a simple meaningful way,and hey if it saves money along the way gravy!(sweet delicious economical gravy)
More importantly I think we create beautiful memories and keepsakes, family traditions and relationships when we roll up our sleeves in being hands on with life. So here's to creativity. I hope you enjoy,

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