Monday, September 12, 2011

when did she get so big?

When exactly did I close my eyes for the two consecutive seconds it took for her to turn into this big brave girl heading off to school?

Because frankly, I remember spending most of her babyhood awake....with my eyes propped open and pepped up on caffeine...but awake nonetheless.....

Of course she loved every second of her introduction day last week, she sang her heart out at song time, separating herself slightly from the group so she could have lots of room for her dance moves. She adored her teacher instantly (as did I) and kept loudly exclaiming to everyone that she "JUST LOVED KINDERGARTEN AND CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK". As she left she said to her teacher, "Don't worry... I'll be back!"

The only thing is, sometimes I wish that little baby girl, that little toddler and that funny preschooler could all come back too... it's all enough to make this mother's heart hurt just a little....that is, when it's not busting with pride and admiration at the lovely young lady she's turning out to be.

oh, and she has two loose teeth.....



  1. Oh my that brings back the memories - yes of my whole crew growing up - first days of school and loosing teeth but especially losing that sense of "MOM knows best!". It has all gone way too quickly! But alas we can relive it again in the lives of our grandchildren but a much improved version. Now it's just the fun of it all and none of the hustle and bustle to get them there! What bliss! Thanks so much daughter!

  2. lovely and sweet! Thanks for sharing!



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