Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loong weekending

Here in Canada we had a long weekend holiday on Monday. But my weekend started much earlier however on Thursday when we received a house full of visitors; all my siblings, their families and my grandparents. Even though all my sisters are relatively close to us, having a pow wow of this level only happens twice a year if we're lucky and it was so great to have everyone all together.

And of course it was even more special for all the amount of baby cuddling that needed to happen in just a few short days with my brand new nieces.

It gets a little hairier every year that we all meet, all our munchkins keep getting older, bigger, louder and busier...and of course we're not all quiet as adults either. We love nothing more than to make each other laugh...it's pretty much all we did for 3 days straight.

Oh, and eat. lots of eating....and wouldn't you like to know what I fed this crowd while I had them at my house? Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on my own original recipes for Barbeque crock pot chicken, baked peach oatmeal and strawberry cheesecake Popsicles... sound good?

For now, I'll leave you with some of the moments from a very lovely long weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! Okay, so questions...how many siblings do you have? How many new nieces was that? And you have a hot tub?! Envious...



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