Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Too Much....

I have made the executive decision to end the madness and take a break from trying to blog from my laptop for the next little while.

My computer has been giving me all kinds of grief for quite some time now, and I have adjusted to its quirks with strange methods for bypassing it's bugs and hassles....

I just can't take it anymore.

I simply don't have a free hour to two hours a day to spend writing blog posts. Especially when the writing takes about 15 minutes and the uploading of pictures both off of my camera and onto this blog takes about an hour on it's's mind numbing really.

Yes, I forget to take my camera with me places...but when I do I expect my computer to be able to download upload and have a computer that can handle the load without taking an hour just rotate a picture in windows.....

I may find myself trudging down to the basement to use our other PC if I can find the light of the lone swinging lightbulb hanging from the unfinished celing down there not to be too stifling to creative thought....

So, I will be working on a solution as well as taking a little mental break to shuffle through all the thoughts I've been having about where I really want to take this little space and what I want my goals with it to be.

I alluded to this a few days ago, that I want to focus more on the writing and less on the crafts tutorials and such. I still want to post those if I find there's just something I have to share, but let's face it... those aren't my strong suit.... anyway this is all thought in process and we'll see where we go from here.


So enjoy the next few days of summertime. We have oodles of stuff to finish and work on and get organized before school starts again in only a few short weeks.... I will have oodles of stuff to share come September. It'll be like one long coffee catch-up...and perhaps I'll be doing it from a new computer????

A girl can dream.


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