Monday, July 18, 2011

"She's the coolest..."

A few evenings ago, Ava Grace was at the park with her best friend K. who happened to be visiting us with her family. I overheard Ava describing her little friend to a new kid she had just met on the swings:

That's my best friend K. over there. She has blonde hair, not like me.

She is the coolest even though she's smaller than me.

She has a bike with a basket on the front and it's pink

But she doesn't always like to ride it. 

She four but she's really a big kid and she had a birthday that I went to.

And she knows everything to know about swimming.

Who's your best friend.?...and why are they the coolest?


  1. Ahh, so cute! Having best friends as a kid is such a joy and a blessing. I still think fondly back on the many best friends I had during my school years.
    Rob has been my best friend for years now and I couldnt ask for a better friend...though he doesn't appreciate romantic movies as much as a best girl friend might ;)

  2. Smart girl!
    All I can say is I have had some lessons on who my best friends are lately and they are awesome. I am one lucky girl, just like Ava Grace.

  3. Smart girls. I have had some lessons in who my best friends are and they are pretty awesome. I am a lucky girl, just like Ava Grace.



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