Monday, June 20, 2011

So very sorry for myself....

That's a hard trap not to fall into isn't it? 

I have fallen into it with a tremendous splash.

I woke up this morning with a splitting head-ache and with all the painful overwhelming illness of my ear infection last week, I just moaned, shook my fist and tried to roll over and go back to sleep... only I couldn't cause a little boy's freezing cold toes were tickling my tummy and his little fingers were trying to find a way into my nostrils.

"Mama up?" he says.


"Oh heavens....Yes,son,  mama is up."

Up the creek, without her proverbial paddle, that is.

I shuffled around the house giving out dry cornflakes and cuddles to make up for the dismal breakfast and then started to finally perk up enough to get us out the door to the doctor's appointment I had scheduled for myself last week (wise move, I'd say).

After 20 minutes of my kids charming everyone in the waiting room with their cow impressions, we were ushered in to see the only doctor who'd had a spot open for me so early in the week.

I poured out my tale of woe to her, the pain, the antibiotics I'd been prescribed and the fact that I didn't think they were working cause everything still sounds like I'm under at least 2 feet of water.

"hmmm... did you have any discharge or leaking from your ears?" she asked.

"well, actually yes, I did on thursday. I thought that maybe that meant I was getting better, but ever since I've been so much worse."

She sighed. " Ya, that's really not good. I can see that on the left side your ear drum is perforated. It could take up to 3 months for your hearing to return."

"uh...come again?"

"Well, you perforated your ear drum..."

" I swear it wasn't me!" I protested.... she may not have believed me, but I swear I never stuck a Q tip in there.I've always been afraid of Q tips since my grade one teacher told me if I stuck one in my ear the swab on the end could get stuck and never come out...

 So now I am still careening around my house like I'm a piano dancer in a Speak Easy, and I'm beginning to feel the urge to commentate my life to myself like Jaque Cousteau on an undersea expedition....the piles of laundry and dishes are beginning to look like shipwrecked remains at the bottom of the ocean.

image source

Of course this week was supposed to be full of exciting (a.k.a. interesting) posts, not about my disgusting ear infection or my self pity and lethargy. There are supposed to be more give-aways and some personal posts as my birthday draws near and I felt the need to get a little more auto-biographical in this space.

All of that has seemingly crawled to pace of barnacles attaching themselves to the underwater cavern that is my life right now. Everything seems to be moving at slow-motion speeds and the need for sleep is trumping almost everything else but the dispensing of dry cornflakes and cartoons.(just kidding... sort of)

I won't be absent here, but deadlines are being pushed back, expectations are being re-adjusted and I'm getting used to the new normal of having to turn my one good side towards people when they talk to me, and still shouting "eeeh? what was that?" Like an old man with a tin horn....

oh my.

I hope all is well in your worlds and that your Monday's are full of all kinds of goodness.



  1. oh Ashley! So so sorry for you! Being so sick is not fun, especially when there is so much (and little ones) to keep up with.

    Life has such a hard way of teaching us equanimity, doesn't it?

    Be kind to yourself and rest when you can.

  2. Ashley, you perfed your eardrum!! Ouchy. So sorry to hear you're having a tough time, and hopefully you'll be feeling better very soon.
    As above commenter said, be kind to yourself, and dont feel too bad about the cornflakes and cartoons (some of us do that when we're in the best of health ;) )
    Take care, Ashley, and get your rest.

  3. Call Oma! Put out a 911 call to one of the best babysitters ever! Maybe she can have them for a sleep over too! she certainly isn't going to be working in the yard this week so maybe she would like to spend some quality time with her grandchildren. Call her!



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