Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hats for Japan and the Beginning of a List...

For this week's Yarn Along I am excited to show you some of the little hats I've started crocheting for the Knit for Japan project you can read more about here or by clicking on the button in the side bar.

I'm at the point where these little beanies take no more than an hour or two to complete and I don't really have to count the stitches at all, so I'm hoping to make quite a few in my spare moments to warm the heads of some precious children in Japan.

The book I've started reading is one I've wanted for quite some time now, and my gracious friend Breanne was kind enough to lend it to me.

It has been like a drink of cool water for a very thirsty me.

If you know nothing about Anne Voskamp and her poetic book on gratitude then you really should do your soul a favor and check it out here. The message of this simple yet profound little book is to find the joy of our living and the substance of our faith  here and now by giving unreserved thanks.


In keeping with the book and the inspiration it has given to so many of who've read it, I decided I need to start compiling my own list of the things for which I am deeply thankful right now, right here; today.

1. honest conversations

2. a wall of memories left untouched, but instead added onto for the years to come

3. kitchen experiments that don't go awry

4. beautiful music filling the house while splashes of water and soap cover the babes on the floor

5.little girls in green dresses watering little white trees with red watering cans

6. a sleepy little boy so happy to go to his bed, he waves "nigh nigh" as I lay his head on the pillow.

7. a pantry divested of all of it's clutter and dust and space made for homemade treasures

8. seeing daddy walking home from far off and running to meet him for tickles and hugs in the grass

9. a timely letter of encouragement from an old friend

10. a bedtime story with a lullaby written right into it

For more information on Knit for Japan you can contact Ginny at Small Things as well as check out all the other reader/knitters who've got projects and books to share for Yarn Along.

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