Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disappointed...and Pleasantly Surprised... {Yarn Along}

Joining up this week again for Yarn Along, 
here's what's been on the reading shelf and the crochet hook this week....

Last week I went to my favorite Thrift Store in my old hometown and came home with several bags full of all sorts of treasures. Some that have become true keepsakes already, and some that could've stayed in the store...

This Pink Yarn looked absolutely lovely in the bag I wasn't allowed to open before purchasing. It was in two lovely skeins that to my sights looked like real spun wool with an uneven tension, all smooshy looking and the most gorgeous shade of pink.

The whole way home I was imagining what I was going to do with that lovely yarn as soon as I got home.
Imagine my horror when I pulled it out of the bag and it was made of cheap scratchy polyester fibres....literally waltzing around pretending to be sheep's clothing...hideous, I tell you.

Somehow the disdain I felt for these poor skeins prompted me to do something with them, if for no other reason than to try and prove to myself they hadn't been a waste of my money...
I started a scarf no human will want to wear, because no one needs to have their neck chaffed like that... no one.
Ah well, like I said- not all was loss for in that trip to the Thrift Store, we also picked up this lovely little collection of stories by Arnold Lobel. The Frog and Toad Series had been recommended to me by my sister a while back and when I saw it there on the shelf I had to snap it up.
I'm really so glad I did. All week we've been enjoying the 5 stories in this little tome that follow through a year of seasons with these mundane little characters; the very best of friends.

If you haven't discovered them, I highly recommend their stories for children of all ages, they are sweet and simple and will probably be read a million times all year in our house too.

If you'd like to see more Yarn Along projects (with much nicer yarn than mine....) and see some other books that people have been reading this week, then check out Ginny's blog at Small Things.

Oh, and P.S.: I also snagged this cast iron pan which has been on my hunt-it-down list for about a year now!

boo ya!

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