Monday, March 21, 2011

A week of Ideas Part 1.

So, how about some of those ideas I said I'd share last week?
Anyone curious?
I'll start off by saying, they are not ridiculously clever, but some small workings of my brain muscle to solve some humble conundrums in our new home, or just some things that inspired me. I'll post some of them over the course of the week, and you let me know what you think and jump in with the ideas and inspirations that have worked for you, yes?

Let's start with the back hallway, shall we?

Sometimes contractors do funny things. They did this in the house we built a few years ago, and apparently they did it here in our new house too.
Perhaps the very same electrician, drywall and finishing electrician all worked on both houses and figured it would be a great idea to spread out and fill an otherwise useful wall with random switches, security systems, vent fan switches and even a couple dead plates lower down the wall....(we'll stick with one battle at a time though...)

I had some lovely ideas of what to do with this wall before I realized it was otherwise occupied and can't even be used for any shelves, hooks or anything heavy enough to need a drywall anchor. All  of which would've been very handy in a back hallway leading to the garage.

Instead I had lovely random switches that couldn't be covered up permanently because they all actually have a purpose and need to be used from time to time. (like the thermostat in the middle of winter...ya,  I'd say we need access to that one)

Then Al suggested one day, that I use shadow boxes that could rest OVER the offending appliance and could be lifted off and on whenever necessary.

Brilliant Al, (you should see what she did with some plywood she found in her garage...)

Here are three of the frames I picked up at good ol' Ikea cause they had the deepest boxes that were just the right shape and size. (not to mention the right price)

Also, these "Ribba" frames allow you to place your artwork and matting in the foreground of the frame and then place the shadow frame inside after , basically creating a hollow box. I left the fiberboard backing and hanging hardware off, but used the positioning tabs to hold the shadow frame in place and then guess what? , I just HUNG IT ON MY WALL RIGHT OVER ALL THE GADGETS.

Heck yes, it was that easy and now it all looks beautiful.

They are this simple to pull of the wall when the gadgets are needed because the frames are sturdy and lightweight and none of the gadgets require the use of both hands to operate.
( I suppose the only way I could improve this would be to somehow hinge them to the wall, so that they opened like little doors, but like I said, I'd have to be very careful drilling anything into this wall because of all the electrical wiring stretched all over it behind the drywall.)

Two of my favorite prints by Ezra Jack Keats. (love love love his illustrations)

This has become a great spot for displaying my little artist's latest works. ( although this one of this little lady is now a little old, but gosh! I like her too much to swap her out. I think it's her bewitching eyes)

The whole thing is  pretty, it's practical and it cost practically nothing... I'd say that's a pretty good idea!

What do you think?

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