Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Plans

So many plans-- so little time....even with the daylight savings. tsk tsk.

Some of my inspirational reads right now

I've been dreaming pretty big the last little while.

I once heard a talk by author, Erwin McManus , where he gave the illustration of two types of people in this world; the Elephant Dreamers and the Turtle Dreamers.
The Elephant Dreamers have one dream that dominates their passions. It is their love, their goal, their lifelong pursuit. (think Rudy Ruetigger , from that movie, uh... "Rudy"). I have a huge amount of respect for all the Elephants I know.

Then there's the Turtles. Their dreams are like tons of baby turtles all hurtling themselves toward the waves from up on the beach where they've been hatched. Some of them make it fruition, and some of them get swooped down on by the eagles overhead, but they all march out full of enthusiasm despite the odds.

I am definitely a turtle dreamer. And yes, a lot of my baby turtles get swooped on by the eagles. A lot of them just never make it to the waves for whatever reason, but somehow that never stops them from hatching to life in the first place.

When I get into "Big Plan Mode" it's like a switch goes on in my brain and my notebooks and sketchbooks begin to overflow.
I suddenly have ideas of crafts, projects, organization methods for around the house, volunteering opportunities, new skills to learn, recipes to try, insights, blueprints, garden plans, behavior charts for the kids, lists of chores for myself, activities, spring cleaning,etc. I'll often even rearrange my furniture just for the heck of it.

My husband can always tell when I am in idea mode because his list of things to do get's longer and longer too.  I'll start conversations with him by whipping out my sketchbook and reciting whole lists of Ikea names that are foreign to him.
"Jokkmok?" he asks politely, but there is no time to stop for a breath let alone to go back and explain it to him.

Very soon, many of my recent ideas will have made it to the waves and I'll have some new fun things to post here, in the meantime I am tapping my little foot impatiently in the husband's direction for him to pull out his power tools and get some of my turtles into the ocean....
Maybe I should just learn how to use the table saw and the power drill myself...

Now that's a good idea.

One of my favorite ideas, to re-use an old muffin tin to organize the jumble of tiny things in my junk-drawer.

Have any good ideas to share?

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