Saturday, February 12, 2011

So stylish

I started using the word "stylish" a while ago,  I find it more fun to say than "cool" or "neat".

I love adjectives, especially when they are describing things positively and "stylish" is one of my favorites; for being able to be specific and yet pretty all-encompassing at the same time.
And I  like it's slight bit of's a word that's fallen out of style ironically, which means I choose to use it even more.

Well, I was given a nod as having a stylish blog space by Phyllis at All Things Beautiful, and I think that was really nice of her to give me the compliment!

Now really the whole award thing reads a little like a chain letter for the blog community, but it's still fun and gives me a chance to pay forward the compliment to some of you other lovely bloggers out there and we all get to know each other just a little better, so that's a good thing!

Now with this prestigious award there are some rules....

1. I link back to Pyllis (gladly, she has a lovely space)
2. I am supposed to tell you a couple of things about myself and
3. I must pay the compliment forward in listing some new recipients for The Stylish Blog Award.

Here's some things about me you didn't know....

1. I was technically still a teenager when I got married almost 6 years ago ( I was 20 days away from my 20th birthday)
2. I have an incredible gift for auditory learning and can remember and recite whole songs of lyrics and lines from movies after having heard or seen them only once.
3. When I was in University, I lived on a 1.20 a day for a period of about 6 months, successfully, healthily and happily.
4. I also spent an entire year of my life around the same time) without a telephone.
5. I am a terribly nervous driver (and I am almost incapable of driving at night because of my poor vision)
6. One of my favorite joys in life is hot water particularly sitting in it. :)
7. I don't know how to swim.(but wish I did)
8. I'm afraid of heights ( I scream hysterically on almost all midway rides)
9. I have sung songs for radio commercials a total of 12 times in my short life
10. My husband and I talked seriously for a while about moving to Africa to teach internationally
(now my mother in law has had to catch her breath, sorry Jan :)

And I will give a shout out to the following truly stylish:

I hope you are all having a truly "stylish" day!


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