Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Kitchen Unveiled!

Wow, what a crazy week of painting it has been!

Kevin and I managed to repaint the ENTIRE kitchen in three days. THREE DAYS!
and we didn't even neglect our kids to do it!

We took everything in two shifts a day starting Monday night till Thursday night (I took Wednesday off for visiting my sister's new baby).We did one shift during naptimes and one during the evenings when the kids were asleep. Kevin did some extra painting here and there in the basement while I managed the monkeys and on Thursday morning he did the same for me so I could get the back of the wrap around done (boy was that a pain in the but).
By Friday morning Kevin was putting cupboard doors back on the bottom of the kitchen and trying to use wholesome language to express his frustration with the finicky nature of  drawer fronts and lazy susan hinges.

But it was all worthwhile,  for now I have my dream kitchen and it looks even better than I thought it would! It feels like a special treat to just be in there making tea or sweeping the floor and dang it,  if my vintage tea towels don't look amazing next to those cupboard doors in their soft creamy whiteness!!!!!!...

It's bliss I tell you, pure kitchen bliss. 

Now if only I were a better cook...


  1. Is that a chalkboard door?! Amazing! The kitchen looks great :)

  2. Yes, Becky I covered the existing pantry door inset with chalkboard adhesive from the dollar store. :)

  3. It looks incredible! I love the white cupboards and what a brilliant idea for a chalkboard door. I am so going to use that somewhere when we settle. =)

  4. Wow, I am loving the new kitchen and loving that you're loving it so much! I am so glad that you are so happy in your "new" place. Did you ever see wall paper that looks like bead board? then you can paint the wall paper! I'm not sure of the cost, but I saw the paper at Home Depot. Just a thought! Have a great day!



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