Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Goodness of Post

"Here's the mail it never fails
Makes me wanna wag my tail
When it comes I wanna wail

(yes, we've been known to watch a little "Blues Clues" now and then)

My amazing friend Keri sent me the coziest package in the mail from the exotic mountain reaches of B.C. and I think I squealed at higher decibles with each item that came out of the box.

The Stash.

Organic Kama Soap, which Jackson took a bite out of the instant I unwrapped it, but he was fine cause it's made of the most wonderful ingredients.... in fact he's probably healthier now for ingesting it.

Home Grown Honey from some Kimberly locals: Even the jar makes my heart sing!

Homemade Crackers from Keri I believe she shared the recipe on her blog a while back here on her blog

My whole kitchen smells like this now; I open the bag just to sniff it and have considered opening it and just waving it around all parts of the house so that my whole living space will smell like delicious coffee....just a thought.

Herbal soak and Epsom salts from Purcell Organics: I had the most lovely bath in my new bathtubs with this stuff, and even though I had to shower a bit afterwords on account of being covered in little herby bits, it was wonderful. Like soaking in a big cup of tea. :)

A back issue of Country Living Magazine ( my favorite) and the UK version to boot!

My friend Keri's business: A Clean Alternative.

(this is a very typical picture taken at our house: Me looking devastatingly chic (lol) and my children doing something random at my feet.)

And here's my personal favorite; Keri made this apron for me and it's tres' fabulous! I believe it to be upcycled from a former night dress in lovely rose print and a vintage table cloth. It's so just the right thing for me who is particularly falling in love with aprons these days.
And falling in love with retrieving the mail wouldn't you say?
Much love back to you Keri, stay tuned for what get's mailed your way!

P.s. Check out these websites, honestly this stuff is all gorgeois!


  1. I don't know Keri personally, but how sweet of her! Aren't aprons the best? :)

  2. Ashley! I love it & shall enjoy looking up these sites. Beautiful stuff!
    I wish you could have peeked in here,have seen Ila & I as I read a couple of your blogs to her. We laughed so hard we cried!!! Thank You, you
    "Day Brightener!!" :-)

  3. lol! Love the comment on Jackson eating the soap!
    Glad you're enjoying...Brian and I are trying to subtly convince you to move here...subtle style... :)

  4. We've been talking about coming up in February perhaps and trying out this snow...board???? thing you seem to love so much??????



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