Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Home for the Holidays

Oh how I have missed this little space to ramble in!!!!!!!

I pray and trust you all had lovely holidays. (I already know Keri had a bit of a nasty time, poor thing).
We had a lovely time doing nothing and then through ourselves into an absolute frenzy of activity throwing the last of everything we own into cardboard boxes, cramming them into the back of our van and generously lent suburban and trucking the lot to our new home with the help of some very dear and appreciated friends and family members.

It's official: we are in our new home.

and oh my word,  it is glorious!

I had the best feeling unloading the kitchen late on Monday night that all the doubt and anxiety of this whole process was slowly melting off my shoulders and I actually belonged here in this space.
It's kind of silly, but I feel like this house and I are on the same page more so than the house I planned and constructed myself.

To explain, there was always so much pressure with the old house with having to make sure everything was "perfect" and "right" with the way it was designed and built. Well, life experience has always told us that that kind of thinking always sets us up for disappointments and so in some ways I found myself frustrated with the walls I had made exist and the floorplan I had drawn up.
In this house, it's just here already with whatever it is, take it or leave it. There's much less angst in finding homes for things and somehow the mood of the house just better suits my stuff.
In fact I'm thinking my stuff looks really good in this house....

Of course the kitchen still feels a little purple to me, so something will be done about that, but again I think the house agrees and has been waiting for someone like me to come along and paint it white and beautiful.

My kids are also settled right in,( although something is wrong with the heating vents in their bedrooms and I've been contemplating stitching up some little sleeping toques for them till we get that figured out. In the meantime we're snuggling down under heavy quilts.) they're finding all sorts of little spaces and corners to call their own, and the discovery of the walk through pantry has brought much excitement and games of hide and seek.

There are only a few non-essential boxes left to unpack and those are the fun ones I shall have to share (the book collection as I promised, and the transformation of the upstairs playroom).
I'll go around and start snapping some "corners of this home" once the debris clears a little more and I'll have them up to share very soon I hope.

In the meantime just picture a cozy spot with a white armchair some gorgeous new textury curtains and an old book cabinet next too cheery fireplace, and there I am curled up with a soft  lamp glow over my shoulder, a knit throw over my lap and a cup of tea.

Oh yes, we are home now.


  1. Ashley, I am so glad to read this! Your other posts about moving out of your 1st home often had me feeling teary, but I am so happy to hear that you feel HOME! Cant wait to see pics! And now you're that much closer :)

  2. I too am very smiley to be reading such a happy report from you and your new home! It is definitely a special something to feel 'home' in such a short time- we had that feeling in this house too- like it was meant for us to live here :) Happy New Year Ashley- cheers to new beginnings in new a new home! Love xoxox Crystal and Family

  3. Thanks Crystal! Thanks Becky! Happy New year to you guys!!!!!!!



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