Monday, December 13, 2010

Adventures In Art; FINALLY!

Ages ago, I promised to put up some pictures of the art show my students had a few weeks ago, and I'm only getting around to it now.

On November 30th I held the Adventures in Art Fall Show for the 9 students I had been teaching since September.  I taught two different classes of girls; Ages 7-11 and ages 4-6.

                                                            (myself and some of the students)

An excerpt from the program at the show:

"The two classes in the fall semester covered the basic principles of art and focused very heavily on rendering skills. All of the works in tonight's show were drawn free-hand by the students with as little assistance with mediums as possible.
We studied different methods of observing and drawing in both classes and worked in pencil, marker, chalk and oil pastels, acrylic paints and paints.
The students worked very hard on all these projects and were a great pleasure to have in the class. 
Most of all we just had a really great time!
As you will see, we were all inspired by animals this semester and had a lot of fun bringing them to life with color and creative compositions. We hope you are inspired by the works of tonight's show and that they spark the creativity that lies within each of us. 
Thank you and enjoy, 
Ashley Winkel and fellow artists."

Camels in negative space with oil pastel by the ages 4-6 class:

Tropical Birds by the Ages 7-11 class: 

Octopus in Chalk Pastel by the ages 4-6 class:

Animal Portraits by the Ages 7-11 class
(L-R: African Elephant, Spanish Dancer, Hummingbird, Girraffe, Polar Bears, Siberian Tiger)

Tropical Birds by the ages 4-6 class:

Sea Life Portraits in Chalk Pastel by the ages 7-11 class:

                                                           "Dancing Jellyfish" by B.S. (age 11)

                                                     " White Ocean Whale" by R.R. (age 7)

                                           "Clownfish in the Coral Reef" by O.S. (age 9)

                                                      "A Starred Beach" by J.S. (age 7)

                                                     "Grump" by A. R. (age 8)

 A selection of portraits in Acrylic up close:

                                                                  "Lost" by B. S. (age 11.)

                                        "Pink Flower and Humming Bird" by R.R.(age 7)

                                                            "Stripey" by J.R. (age 7)

                                                              "Mad for Stripes" By O.S. (age 9)

Impressionist Monkeys in Acrylic by the ages 4-6 class:

IThis is just a sampling of the great pieces the kids did. I was crazy proud of them, their parents were crazy proud of them and they were crazy proud of themselves! Art is always a good thing: for every age, every community, even when it's a little group of students who gathered around my kitchen table and their family and friends who gathered in my (crowded) basement to look and discuss and just be in the presence of art.

Such a good thing.

(If interested in more information regarding the art classes I teach, I will try to update my "Adventures" in Art" info page on Facebook or you can email me directly at my email address, or leave a comment so I can get back to you, thanks!)

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