Thursday, December 9, 2010

Admittedly not my best work....

If you were to ask me what my favorite materials are to "upcycle" I would instantly say SOCKS!!!!!!

I have found some pretty nifty ways to re-use socks, and I will share them with you.

I promise.

A close second would have to be pillowcases.
A pillowcase is a many faceted thing:
A bag for hordes of candy,
A sleeping bag for a doll or teddy bear
A sack for hopping across the yard or sliding down a flight of stairs
A weapon when filled with bricks ( just kidding) :)
Wrapping paper for Easter Baskets.
Dresses, shirts, and paint smocks.

and now, a little apron for my baking apprentice

I didn't get any step by step pictures of this project as I made it, mostly because I pulled it together on our Esau Sibling Christmas weekend while the pack of them were playing cards at the table at about midnight.

But I will try to explain the process as well as I can and offer some explanations for the random things on the apron beyond just that I had a house full of lovely distractions and it was... about midnight.

I laid the cloth flat with the hemmed (open) edge at the bottom.
I  folded the left and right top corners in evenly to create the tapered shape of the apron but noted that I should have measured my child first to see how these big  corners should be folded to.

I used liquid stitch to press the corners down onto the rest of the fabric because, well I had to get this sucker done for the next day.

Then I took some old curtain ties that have been sitting in my scrap basket for ages and ages and used them to create ties on either side of the apron about halfway down from where those upper corners were folded.

Again I should have measured all of this, cause the apron will probably fit her great in another year or two, but it's a bit big right now.

I flipped the apron over so those glued down corners were now on the table and facing me was a lovely little apron shape with two waist ties but no neck.

I took another curtain tie and sewed it onto the neck but had to go back and make it adjustable with buttons this adjustable to change the fit as Ava Grace grows.

I then realized that I had sewn the neck piece on a little low on the other side of the fabric so that the bib of the apron gaped forward a bit... so I added these little ribbon ties to hold it all together and cause, well gosh, it looks cute.
A little random sure... but cute.

She loves the apron and I will improve it's design over time. (probably around the first time that liquid stitch comes unglued in the washing machine and I'm forced to do it properly  :)

Ah, but we upcycled something and that always feels good. There is no where but "up" to go, no?


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  1. You are a budding seamstress in a journal writer's disguise. Can't wait to start sewing lessons - this Spring? Good job and excellent effort. Best of all you totally impress us all especially AvaGrace with your talentS!
    Love MOM



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