Wednesday, November 3, 2010

soooo not ready for this....

My little girl is noticing the boys....

Not in a bad way, but all of a sudden, all I hear about is this young man Taylor from her preschool class.
I've met Taylor: he's a nice fluffy haired kid of about 4, who has trouble making the "r" sound and has a Toy Story backpack, I mean really what's not to love?
(Also he is the only boy in her class who's not a full head shorter than her)

On the way home from preschool last week....

Ava "Mom, there's this boy in my class named Taylor"
Me: "Uh huh?"
Ava: He's really funny.
Me: uh...huh.
Ava: Ya,...he talked to me. He's my friend now.
Me: mmhmmm
Ava: Know what else mama?  He made a tower of blocks
Me: Oh? You helped him build a tower of block?
Ava: No, I just watched him build it.
Me: riight.
Ava: Mama, want to know something else about Taylor?....

(I should also point out this is the only kid in her class she has bothered to learn their name.)

Later at the supper table....

Ava: Dad, guess what there's this boy...

(Kevin's eyebrows reach his hairline)

Ava: He's SOOO funny

(Kevin stops chewing.)

Ava: He says .... (wait for it).... Mickey! (dissolves into giggles)

Me: Okay Ava, time to eat your supper.

(Kevin slowly resumes eating...but still hasn't blinked)

One minute of silence later:
Ava:  Mama, can we talk about Taylor some more now?

Finally Kevin responds....
"Hey Ave, let's talk about a magical thing called homeschooling, and how much you are gonna LOVE it!"

Be still my beating heart,


  1. hahaha! So funny! Love the description of meal time.

  2. That's perfect. I can completely imagine that scene...oh my goodness.

  3. bahahahahahahaha! Awesome. Just awesome!

  4. Haha, Hannah went through that at the same age... But now she says she doesn't want anything to do with boys ever!... I have yet to decide if she's serious, or if she's just saying that because she knows it's what I want to hear! Poor confused girl! ;)



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