Tuesday, November 2, 2010


People in the Papers these days....

seems like those I know are making print all over the place!

My friend T. was elected to city council a couple weeks ago now, and was featured in the paper looking lovely and smart, and up to the new challenges ahead!

And my own Kev was in the Edmonton Journal along with his grade 9 class from the Hobbema reservation Highschool  where he teaches.

Recently the paper had done a series on Reserve Issues in Canada and had done an article on the Ermineskin Jr./Sr. High school where Kev has taught for the past 4 years. The article was a glowing review of the positive impact the school has been having on that particular community and on this generation of first nations youth.

Kev, got the students in his class to write letters to the editor in response to the article and some of them were chosen for a 1/4 page spread in this week's paper.

Very cool.

I may be a little biased but its things like this that make me really proud of the kind of teacher my husband is, the kind of man he is and the choice he made to work with the kids he does. They all love him and it's no mystery why.

The students wrote some great articles and you can check it out on the Edmonton Journal's Homepage if you wish.
I didn't post any closer photos or reprint any of the article so as not to infringe on copyrights or the privacy of the students pictured.


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  1. That's awesome! Congrats to Kev and his students.



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