Monday, November 1, 2010

Joy Comes in the Morning!

I couldn't help but notice the sun coming up this morning! I came out to the kitchen with only one eye open, but that one eye was very quick to notice how the whole sky was lit up with pinks purples and orange.
It was like a paintbrush had been run through the sky and created a watercolor masterpiece out of the heavens.

I know the little saying goes that "red sky in the morning-sailors take warning", meaning the weather will be miserable or a storm is brewing, but I couldn't help but think today was going to be a lovely day.

It reminded me of something I was reading in my daily bible study back in the summer months when the sun was rising a little too early for me to want to be there to watch it come up. The study encouraged me to witness a sunrise and reflect on the Truth that God keeps giving us new days because His patience with us is unending. Every day is a new gift from Him, filled with all kinds of challenges, and hidden blessings.
Not only does he bless us with each new day, but sometimes He even jazzes it up like rainbow sherbet.

I got excited and grabbed each of the kids and ran out with them into the yard in our jammies to look up at the sky. Ava Grace complained that her feet were cold but Jackson appropriately pointed up and said one of the only three words he knows, "oooo-wow!"

"Ooooo wow!" is right, son.

When we came in, Ava Grace said
"Mama, I think we should thank Jesus for the pretty colors in the sky"
Me:  "We certainly should, why don't you do that?"
Ava: (loudly ) "Thanks Jesus!!!!!"

Here's to noticing the everyday miracles of each new day,


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