Thursday, October 21, 2010

The View from My Windows...

I love the country.
I love the prairies
That's  just the way I am.

Now, I have loved all sorts of beautiful places
I feel tingly at smell of the ocean and I feel an almost physical ache at the loveliness of the mountains. But the prairies with their wide open skies and golden fields as far as I can see are just a part of my DNA.
I was born in Saskatchewan
Lived in British Columbia
Grew up in Northern Alberta
Enjoyed the Busy City and
played in Ocean waves

The country is where I belong.

How blessed I have been with my country home where this is the view from my back porch!
I wake up in the mornings when the fog is settled thick along the ground and sip my coffee slowly transporting myself in my imagination back in time to a place where homesteads ruled the landscape and life was harder won.

Isn't the country like that? Like a time machine of days gone by?
The city holds great histories too, but nature has a way of keeping records that concrete, steel and glass just cannot. Like the record book is still on the table and time is almost standing still.

Even with modern machinery, every farm and the people who work it are playing out the age old story of reaping and sowing. The simple and basic  fundamentals of life and living off the land are right out my window
and I'm right where I belong.

My family Tree is full  of farmers; People who tamed the prairies in both Alberta and Manitoba, so there is a personal sense of history to watching this country way of life. It has a way of grounding me and reminding me of the simple and basic fundamentals of my life; my beliefs, my values. My Prayers have a way of hitting less ceiling in these wide open skies and to walk among the golden fields as they're being shaved down is like walking in a parable.
Jesus understood farmers and the country.

Soon, I'll be heading closer the city, settling in an old French town full of trees and neighborhood houses.
I'm ready for it, but I know that when I'm surrounded by buildings no matter how cheerful community can be, I will long for the wildness of our own personal homestead we've had carved out in this tiny country town.

And after all, you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl.

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  1. Love it, Ashley! I'm right there with you. As we prepare to move out to the farm, I find myself walking the pasture every chance I get, chasing sunsets, craving the day when I will watch the sun rise over trees rather than chimneys. The homemade life is truly blessed!



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