Friday, October 15, 2010

These Moments with guest Blogger The Homemade Husband

The Homemade Husband (I like that).

I love my kids immensely...

I was playing "store" in the back yard with Ava, exchanging money (wood chips) for such hot ticket items as a soccer ball and...other wood chips, when I felt that oft-felt parental urge to lay down and spectate rather than engage with them. While lying on the grass however, it dawned on me how wonderful my kids were and that I was missing out on a great moment; Ava spinning/running about, Jackson, pawing at the fence and playing in the sandbox.  The temptation to be lazy and just let the kids roam evaporated, as I realized just how blessed I am.  I ran to get the camera, which, of course, brought about even more exuberant spinning from Ava-Grace and drew Jackson back in for the photo op.  Their faces, and mine for that matter, tell it all.  God has given me good and perfect gifts in these two, and they deserve my utmost.  The awe, inspiration, and gratitude alone are worth the "effort" of parenting.

Just being in the moment....

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