Monday, October 25, 2010

There's no day like a Snow Day!

Even when it comes in October!

We woke up this morning to a blanket of the white stuff all over our yard and street, and more coming down ALL DAY. The excitement of this was tempered by the fact that
a.our Van is on the fritz (possible transmission problems) and was a school morning for Ava which meant we were walking it and
c. It was a monday

So I bundled everybody up at 8:40 and we proceeded to find out just how wussy we've become all summer.

Actually, I'm the biggest wuss of all. I'm the one who got 3 houses down our street and said "Hey Ave-- Are you sure you want to go to school today? It's really cold, we could just stay home?"
From behind the scarf triple wrapped around her face emerged the tiny confident reply, "No, mom, we can just do it. It's not too far."
She's right it's not very far. You can see our back yard from the school doors......

I just forgot how much I dislike putting on and taking off layers and layers and layers of snow pants coats, toques,  and scarves. Don't get me started on Mittens and how those little thumbs just don't want to go in the right spot and then in five seconds they're pulled off anyway. ( Mine actually fell in a giant puddle at the end of the driveway when  I was pulling out the stroller.)

Then you have to take ALL those layers off, and my socks always stay in my boots rather than on my feet, so I was feeling really sorry for myself by the time I dropped Ava in her classroom. I dramatically put my hand to my chest and declared, "Our vehicle is broken down, so we had to walk all the way here in the cold".
The four year olds in her class were not appreciative of my statement and just kept on with their puzzles, but two parents overheard me; The first responded to say that her son had been out playing in the snow since 7:30 am. and the second offered me a ride she was so concerned for me ( I guess I laid it on a little thick) :)

Well, by lunchtime my mood was a little better, and I conceded that I really do like the snow so long as I don't have to go out in it myself.

After naps Ava and I made some sweet snow crackle cookies and I bundled both the kids up and sent them outside where they stayed for  a whole 40 minutes give or take, digging and making snow angels.

Jackson was stricken with snowsuit paralysis and kept falling over:
Me from the windows "Help him up Ave! Help him up!"
Jackson "baaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Ava Grace "He's too heavy"
Me "No, No not by his head!!!!"
Jackson "Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Ava finally came back to the patio door to come inside but Jackson hasn't learned to time his journey back to the house, so by the time he realized he was cold, he also realized just how restrictive his snowsuit was and how long that journey back to the house would be so, I ended up flying out there in Kevin's shoes to haul him up into the warmth.

Then we shed the layers and they melted all over the kitchen floor
We ate Snow Crackle cookies and drank rooibos (cocoa is out cause Jackson is lactose intolerant)
and I even roasted a Chicken for supper....


In the end we welcomed the snow in proper style and we're turning back into winter people.

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  1. Haha! Oh Ashley, you totally made my morning! I was 'LOL'ing like crazy at this post! I have yet to submit Ryker to the full winter getup, but I'll let you know how the 'snowsuit paralysis' works out for him. Have a good day! Love and hugs! :)



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