Saturday, August 21, 2010

Quit Procrastinating Already!

You should see the state of my kitchen.
It's gross.
Really it is gross, there's a funky smell coming from the garbage under the sink (or that might be the sink itself) there are fruit flies buzzing around the dirty dishes stacked on the counter and I don't want to think about the fun they are having in and around Jackson's highchair...

But for some reason, the kitchen has been my zone of much neglect today. From the moment I got up this morning, all I could bring myself to do was make coffee in there, even rummaging through the fridge for breakfast seemed too much, so coffee it was.
Kevin is still home today so thank goodness he fed the children, and me as well...or I might have gone all day avoiding the room and the table altogether.
All day the mess has piled up there (Kevin will throw together hot dogs, but cleaning up after the hot dogs....not so much)and yet, I have found other tasks to tackle instead.
Dishes have been at the top of my TO DO list all day and I have chosen to rather clean out and reorganize the entire boot closet, Ava Grace's drawers, (including pull out the first of the fall wardrobe items) Clean the supply closets in the laundry room and (gasp) actually put away 8 (count 'em 8!) baskets of laundry!(which is usually my go to procrastination job as you can probably tell.)We have mountains of clean underwear but not a pot to cook with.

Usually my kitchen is my domain. It is my favorite room in the house. When we were building, the bulk of the entire budget was put into the kitchen and I had almost complete freedom to make it the room I wanted because, let's face it, I spent 70 if not 80 percent of my non sleeping time there. When you include stumbling to the fridge for middle of the night bottles, I spend about 15-20 percent of my sleeping time there too.

Maybe today it all came to a head and I rebelled to the most basic cleaning instincts I have. I escaped the place that absorbs most of my energies and efforts and took a mental holiday.
Maybe the other rooms of the house just really needed my attention today and the kitchen understands that. He was cool with the mess and knew I'd come crawling back later tonight when I really have run out of excuses not to tidy up and I know he'll forgive me in the morning when the counters are wiped down, the floors swept, the coffee brewing the dishwasher humming.
Hey, if he's lucky the oven might get muffins put in there and bread might get baked.

Actually the more I think about it, the more I look forward to it.....tommorow.

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