Friday, June 18, 2010

Last post made no sense I knowlet's hope this one is better

5. So here's the whole thing ready to be wrapped up beautifully for Kailee's party on Monday.

picture 4. is the book assembled and some of my stash used for a cute cover embellishment (K is for Kailee, the birthday girl)

Picture three is of the pages cut for assembly

2. Folding over the edges of the scrapbooking paper to cover the cardboard. glue down all the edges.

Okay, so I was figuring out how to get pictures on here, and now I got it,... so this should all flow better.
Here are the step by step pictures for the scrapbook which I did go back and make way better after( I actually took back the dollar store stuff and raided my own stash instead)

Picture number 1. from the last post is the cereal box cut into 8x8 squares

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